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The best craps strategy for new players is to play a few games in the free mode till you have thoroughly understood the basic rules, essential craps lingo and the varieties of craps bets. This will prepare you for the adventures of wagering real money on craps.

Online craps experts advise new players to study the Pass bet and the Don't Pass bet thoroughly because these are the most lucrative bets in craps.

Players will win their Pass bets and get paid one to one if the shooter wins; moreover, the Pass bet is the best of all craps bets because of its low house edge. Likewise, players will win their Don't Pass bets and get paid one to one if the shooter loses, which means that this bet has a low house edge too.

However, players should note that certain casinos do not have any payouts for the Don't Pass bet if the shooter rolls 2 for come out or 12. Therefore, players should study the payout structures at the particular casino well before placing a bet.

How to win at craps

Players who are interested in making profits should place only Pass, Don't Pass, Come and Don't Come bets because they have a low house edge. The only other bet that gives you a better chance of winning is Place bet on 8 or 6.

Besides finding a craps table that offers the best possible odds, you should ensure that they do not bet high, especially when you are still in the initial phases of learning the craps rules. Craps is a game that encourages new players to bet high on the worst bets - those with high payouts, but with huge risks. Players should consider the limits of their bankrolls while placing bets.

You should also keep the following points in mind while placing bets. First, the Pass bet has a house edge as low as 1.41 percent only if it is placed before the come out; its house edge becomes higher if it is placed after the come out. Pass bets should never be increased after come out.

Second, the Don't Pass bets should not be removed after establishing a point because the chances of winning it are very high. The Don't Pass bets should never be decreased following come out.

Third, players should choose the craps table with the highest odds, but this doesn't mean that they can bet beyond the limits of their bankroll.

The best craps strategy is to avoid the "bad" bets and place only the "safe and good" bets; in fact, this is the only way a craps player can enhance his/her odds of winning. Craps is a game of chance; and players need Lady Luck most of all if they want to win.

If players simply want some fun and some winnings at the craps table, they only need to thoroughly study the craps rules, the basic types of craps bets and various chances of winning them and sound bankroll management techniques. Players will figure out ways to win and avoid dangers as they continue playing.

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