Online Casino FAQ

These online casino FAQs will answer the most common questions that a new player interested in online casino games may have. The answers are only introductory in nature.

There has been a debate about the negative and positive aspects of playing these games over the Internet. They are certainly a boon for people who love casino games, but do not have enough time to go to Las Vegas or casinos elsewhere.

But on the negative side, there are some people who became chronic addicts of these cyber games.

Online casino FAQs do not address these issues. These FAQs are presented in a question and answer format to provide an understanding to people who want to get basic information about cyber casinos and their mode of functioning.

The following are the most common types of online casino FAQs.

What are online casino games?

These games are the Internet versions of real casino games. But they are not computer games. Money may change hands depending if you play in 'real money' games or if you play with 'fun money' (no real money involved). Of course these games are played using a personal computer connected to the Internet.


How many formats of Internet casino games are there?

Based on their mode of functioning, online casino games are divided into three types.

The most common type of games are played on a software that you download to your computer and install, like a regular program. You can play and manage your account from this software. This is the original format.

With the advent of technology, two new formats appeared. No download or nondownloadable games are the ones you play directly from your web browser. The advantage is you can play from any computer, you can even play casino games on mobile devices.

Finally the last and newest format is to play live casino games, in which a person can play along with others in a real casino through the Internet. In other words the software connects to a real casino and a real dealer. You access a real casino from home with such applications.

Do I need to download any kind of software?

For playing software-based online casino games, you need to download the software. You can play web-based and live casino games without downloading any software package.

Do I have to pay money for playing?

You don't. You can play with 'fun money', so no real money is involved. This is a great way to learn how to play the games at no cost. Or you can make a deposit if you want to play serious casino games. You will get several types of bonuses, both as a new player and as a regular player.

How do I send or receive money?

The online casinos recommended on this website all offer various methods to deposit money or withdraw your winnings, including credit cards or special secure Internet money transfer companies. You only need to get an account with one of these companies that allow you to send or receive money through the Internet.

Do I need any special hardware or software requirements?

No. These software packages or websites are designed to run on all types of PCs, Macs, mobile devices and operating systems. So, you can access these websites through both Windows and Linux based personal computers or Apple Macs. Different versions of software packages are available for various types of computers and operating systems.

Is it safe to transfer money to these online casinos?

Yes, we only recommend the safest online casinos. They use the most advanced encryption and security technology to protect your money and private information. Only operators with the highest reputation and history of customer satisfaction are included on this website.

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