Fairness at Online Casinos

Fair play is another online casino issue that bothers online casino players. Since the games are not live, but simulated, players cannot help wondering if the results are really random. To ensure that the casino indeed gives top priority to fair play, players need to find out more about the software that powers it and about the online casino's own efforts to ensure that the games are indeed 100 percent fair and accurate.

Online casinos that give top priority to fair play usually publish payout percentage reports and players need to take the trouble of going through these reports. Payout percentage reports are submitted by independent, third-party auditing companies such as Price Waterhouse Cooper in collaboration with prestigious casino game testing companies such as Technical Systems Testing (TST), Gaming Associates Limited, Certified Fair Gambling, and others. The above-mentioned are the most prestigious and reputed names in the online gambling industry, and if players find the logos of any one of these companies on the online casino website, they can rest assured that the games at the online casino are indeed fair, random, and accurate.

A payout percentage report comprises the payout percentages of categories of games or individual games, along with an average of all the games that players have wagered on during a calendar month.

The payout percentage of a particular online casino game is the ratio of the total amount of money wagered on that game to the total amount of money given away in the form of prizes. For instance, if players wagered a total of $100k on roulette during a particular month and the online casino gave away $97k in roulette prizes, the payout percentage for roulette at that particular casino is 97 percent.

Independent third-party auditors can calculate payout percentages accurately because they study software data, which online casino operators cannot alter or modify in any way. Whenever there is action on the game, the software generates logs that are carefully recorded. Auditing companies check these logs to ensure if there is any determined pattern or if the game results are random.

Besides, the online gaming software supplied by gaming software developers such as Real Time Gaming (RTG) and Vegas Technology are independently tested for fairness and accuracy and the results of these tests are made easily available to online casino players.

First, a number of testing specialists test the software for randomness and fairness and then compare the results with the software developer's specifications. If the two documents tally, the online casino software gets the required certificate. The purpose of all this testing is just to ensure that the random number generator (RNG) of the software produces results that are truly random and cannot be predicted.

The software developers must meet the required standards of fairness, accuracy, and randomness in order to get the fair play certificate, which is why players who give top priority to fairness issues must first research the casino software. The most prestigious verifiers of fair play in the industry are Certified Fair Gambling and Price Waterhouse Coopers.


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