The popularity of online craps

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Online craps have gained popularity in recent years.

Craps became popular in casino thanks to famous television shows like as "Las Vegas" or movies such as The Hangover.

Craps is a very exciting and social table game played in casinos today, and the frenzy has reached online casinos as well. It is one of the few casino social games, as each player interact with the others when playing craps.

This game may appear intimidating if you have never played craps before, but the rules are simple, and once you will have learned them, they will soon be second nature to you.

The goal is to predict the number displayed on two dice after one of the players tosses them. There are two types of bets, either against the house winning (Pass Line bet) or with the house (Don't Pass Line bet).

Online craps rules

Craps are played in so-called rounds, where the first roll is the "come out" roll. If a 2,3,7,11 or 12 come out, this is the end of this round. Otherwise, the number that came out is called the point, such as a 5. The round will not end until a player throws the same total once more, like another five.

The Pass Line bet is the most usual bet made by players. If a 7 or an 11 is rolled at the come out, you win. If a 2, 3 or 12(craps) are rolled, you lose. Otherwise, a point was rolled. If a 7 comes before a point, you lose. Otherwise you win. Pretty simple.

The Don't Pass is almost the opposite of the Pass Line, except that a 12 at the come out is a push. Usually players do not choose the Don't Pass, as it consists in beating against the shooter, and usually against anyone else.

In online craps you can make various additional bets and this is where the fun part comes. Once the point has been determined, you can "buy the odds", i.e. increase your bet and this depends on the odds, as a seven is the most likely outcome.

You can also place a "number bet" where you bet on a specific number. Other bets are called "Buy Bets", "Lay Bets" and "Hard Way Bets". For best enjoyment, use craps strategy when you bet at craps. You can learn more details about these subtleties by visiting an online casino specializing in craps such as Rome Casino.

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