The popularity of online poker

Poker and online poker have gained increased popularity in recent years.

One of the reasons why poker and online poker have become so popular within casino events and over the entire Internet is that it is the game most amenable to organized tournaments and championships.

In games such as roulette or slots which are purely determined by luck, no one would be interested in watching a tournament. To run a tournament and attract spectators requires a show where intelligent skilled players battle for supremacy. Obviously there is no such thing as a bingo tournament. There can be scraps championship, but they do not attract the big crowds.

Only skilled games have a loyal public and in online casinos, online poker is the king of all skilled games. Black Jack and Baccarat (in its European format) have an element of skill embedded in them, and there are Black Jack championships and tournaments for example. But no game compares with poker when it comes to making the public hooked. Poker is perfect for its entertainment value for viewers, and this is how it became so fashionable with all the television shows.

Poker is a casino game with well-known superstars and there are too many to name them all. The most famous ones are Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson considered the grandfather of modern poker, Phil Hellmuth the only player to have won 11 WSOP bracelets, Johnny Chan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and Scotty Nguyen.

These top players have crowds of fans cheering when they reach final tables at poker events. They write books, run online poker rooms and appear on televised poker shows, even movies. Some of them are also big online poker winners, such as Phil Ivey or Patrik Anthony who have amassed millions of dollars playing the game on the Web.

Poker tournament events started in 1970 with the World Series of Poker. There were a few other events at the time and most of them are extinct, but the WSOP has survived and become the universal reference in term of live poker tournaments.

Hundreds of other tournaments take place nowadays, both live and online. The WSOP alone takes place during an entire month, includes over 50 tournaments and attracts thousands of poker players to Las Vegas. The World Poker Tour (WPT) is another famous series of international tournaments taking place all over the World, at Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, London and Sydney (Australia). And there are many more poker tournaments all over the World.

Online poker tournaments have mushroomed as well, some of them with guarantees exceeding ten million of dollars for the entire event involving ten to twenty tournaments. Another trend is hybrid format, where the final table of an online tournament takes place at a live casino. Or exotic tournaments such as the Aruba Classic organized by Ultimate Bet.

Poker is a great game mixing skills and gambling. Try it and you will love it.

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