Setting Up in Big Business Bingo

For centuries, it has been one of the most popular games across Europe. Crossing borders and oceans, and finally transported into cyberspace through the broadband boom with online bingo, the game has cemented its position at the top of the gaming tree.

Despite this online phenomenon and the worries that the traditional mode of play was to fall by the wayside, recent activity shows that an increasing number of fans are taking it upon themselves to ensure that the original version has a future as bright as that of its online cousin.

If you are a bingo fan wishing to merge your passion with your job, following these simple steps will set you on the right path.

Get Serious

If you really want to make a job out of bingo, you have to start thinking about it like a business. Downloading one of several free online templates for business plans is an ideal way to both focus your ideas and help funders realise that you are serious about your bingo venture.

Contact the Powers That Be

The UK Gambling Commission is the governing body for all licensing issues regarding gambling. Every bingo provider must adhere to strict regulations, and it is imperative that you start with the right mindset. The Gambling Commission will help you decide for which permit to apply and the relevant regulatory body.

Settle Down

Assuming that you are granted a license (a process that is in itself involved and time-consuming) you must find the appropriate premises for your bingo club or hall.

There are several key factors when considering this - ease of access, location and local business demographic all play a part, amongst other issues. Consider the space needed for playing bingo and the ramifications that this will have for your shortlist.

Get Supplies

There is a host of equipment needed for even the most simple game of bingo. Suppliers will need to be contacted and deals negotiated, from technical equipment to refreshments. The more you brainstorm the equipment-obtaining phase, the fewer problems you will find on your opening day.

Get Help!

Like anything in life, you cannot do this alone. Bingo is a community game, so hiring like-minded people will ensure that everybody gives your bingo adventure the best possible start.

From your business plan you will have a definitive idea as to exactly how you want your bingo hall to run, and it is your responsibility for getting this across to your staff. Enthusiasm and passion go a long way to motivation, and if these never wane your future will be bright.


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