The popularity of video poker

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Poker and online video poker have gained popularity in recent years.

Video poker machines in live casinos are usually sitting next to the slot machines, looking similar. But video poker is different.

Unlike slots, video poker is a skill game, where your decisions will impact your results. If you like card games, mastering video poker can be a lot of fun.

Online casinos offer plenty of forms of video poker games, and if luck is on your side, you can win a lot of money from video poker.

Online Video Poker

Playing online video poker is the same as video poker, except that you play from the comfort of your home. You can freely stop and start a game, change to another game format, without having to worry if the machine is available.

Video poker is derived from five-card draw poker. At each hand, the player gets five cards, and he can elect to replace (draw) one or more cards. Then, depending on how good (or rare) his hand is, he will receive a payout as displayed on the " pay table".

Often the lowest hand in online video poker is the pair of jack, then the payout increases with hands rarity. Hitting a royal flush is the goal, as this is the rarest hand, which pays handsomely.

There are numerous variations of the game of video poker. For example in "Deuces Wild", the deuces act as wild cards. In "Aces and Faces", four of kind with aces or face cards have a higher payout

In order to spice up this games, there may also be a progressive jackpot that keep on rising until someone hits a rare hand like a royal flush. By starting a game when the jackpot is large, you get better odds at no cost.

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